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Immutable REST APIs

Building a web3 game or a marketplace is time-consuming, costly, and complex. It involves getting a deep understanding of smart contracts, getting smart contract audits, securely dealing with wallet keys, setting up RPC nodes, syncing blockchain data and much more.

Immutable offers REST API endpoints that enable you to bring your game or marketplace to life quickly and efficiently. Our APIs abstract a ton of complexity and allow developers to be more productive and faster.

Some of the APIs we offer include:

  1. The Immutable Blockchain Data APIs: The Immutable Blockchain Data APIs provide studios and developers with all the on-chain data they need to build fantastic games through a simple, robust, and scalable set of APIs
  2. The Immutable Mint APIs: The Immutable Minting APIs enable developers to mint millions of NFTs with no gas fee on the Immutable X rollup. Minting APIs are coming soon on Immutable zkEVM!
  3. The Immutable Trade APIs: Immutable Trade APIs enable rich trading capabilities through APIs optimised for NFT liquidity.

All our API endpoints are self-serve and permissionless. You will be required use a publishable key while using our SDKs and additionally, a secret API key to authenticate and authorise yourself while performing "write" operations like metadata refresh. Read more about API keys here.

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