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3. Register a collection

A collection refers to a deployed token smart contract, the tokens of which can be freely transacted (ie. minted, traded, bought and sold) on Immutable X's layer 2.

Each collection belongs to a project.

The best way to create a project is to use the imx-examples repository.


  1. Register a collection
  2. Update a collection

1. Register a collection

Follow the 3. Add a collection steps in the imx-examples repository.

2. Update a collection

Follow the Update collection steps in the imx-examples repository.

Fields that cannot be updated:

  • contract_address
  • metadata_api_url - if this field is modified AFTER minting, existing assets using the previous URL will not be modified, however, the new URL will be used for new mints.

Increase project collection limits

Collection limits can be increased by contacting support about your project. Be sure to include your reason for an increase. Our team will respond to your request within 2 business days.