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Immutable's Global Orderbook facilitates listing and exchange of digital assets across marketplaces at scale. It can be used by:

  • Content creators (ie. game studios)
  • Asset buyers and sellers (ie. game players, investors)
  • Marketplaces (listing and trade aggregator, exchange facilitator)
  • Our Orderbook is designed to enforce protection for content originators to accrue royalty fees for their assets.



Get ordersGet listings from a collection, or details of a specific listing
Create ordersA seller can list an NFT for sale at a fixed price. Creating an listing supports ERC2981 royalty info checks to enforce that the required royalties are paid by the buyer on settlement. Listing creation also ensures that the seller has required approvals in place and that they own the NFT they are trying to sell.
Fill ordersA buyer can buy NFT at the listed price. This supports checking and granting ERC20 allowances to complete the purchase of a single NFT. This includes royalty enforcement check.
Cancel ordersA seller can cancel existing active orders (per order, or all of their orders) to ensure they can never be fulfilled on-chain.


FeesExplain how fees are constructed in the orderbook
Order statusesExplain how different order statuses work