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Trading your ERC-20 token

This guide will walk you through the required steps to enable trading of your ERC-20 token on Immutable zkEVM.

You will need to have either launched a new ERC-20 token or migrated your existing ERC-20 token to Immutable zkEVM before it can be traded.
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💡Who is this for?
Game developers have an ERC-20 token on Immutable zkEVM and want their players to be able to trade these ERC-20 tokens for other tokens.

The best way enable trading of your ERC-20 token on Immutable zkEVM is by using Checkout Swap Widget. The Swap Widget is a drop-in solution for web-based games and marketplaces that simplifies the process of swapping tokens.

The Swap Widget works by using Immutable's TypeScript SDK to interact directly with QuickSwap's decentralized exchange (DEX) smart contracts. Immutable does not run its own DEX.

Token liquidity

Token liquidity essentially refers to the ease at which one token can be swapped for another. The way DEX smart contracts work is they allow individuals to provide liquidity to facilitate swaps between tokens. These liquidity providers are the ones who the players are actually buying and selling tokens from instead of from any kind of centralized provider.

For your token to be traded on a DEX, someone (usually either you, or a professional liquidity provider service) will need to become a Liquidity Provider for your Immutable zkEVM token on QuickSwap.

💡Quickswap Liquidity
Quickswap provides information on how to set up a liquidity pool in their documentation. If you need further assistance, please reach out to support on Discord.

Token details and allowlisting

Once your token has sufficient liquidity on Quickswap, players can trade it directly on their website. However it still needs to be added to the Swap Widget so it will appear in the list of available tokens for players to swap. There are a few details we need from you to get it added to the Swap Widget:

  • The token's address, decimals, symbol and name on Immutable zkEVM.
  • The token's icon which should be in the SVG format and 64 x 64px square.
💡What's upcoming
We will be releasing a form to submit the request soon. For the moment you will need to reach out to support on Discord with these details and we can assist you further there.

Other DEX platforms

Aside from Quickswap, Immutable zkEVM is also compatible with another third part DEX called WarpGate. WarpGate uses the similar decentralised trading technology to QuickSwap. This means if you want your token to be traded on WarpGate you will need to go through a similar process of providing liquidity on their platform for your token.

💡WarpGate Liquidity
WarpGate provides information on how to set up a liquidity pool in their documentation. If you need further assistance, please reach out to support on Discord.

Once your token has sufficient liquidity on WarpGate, it can be traded directly on their website.

💡Swap Widget Support
At the moment, our Swap Widget only supports QuickSwap, so trading on WarpGate is only available through their website and not our Swap Widget.

Additional considerations

I've launched my token but can't see it on the DEX?

If you don’t see your ERC-20 token listed in the available options on the DEX, then you can usually add it manually when you are creating a liquidity pool by pasting in the contract address for your token.

Does my token need to be on a DEX to run a primary sale using my token?

If you are launching a primary sale for your game with your ERC-20 token as the only currency accepted for the sale, players will need to buy your token from somewhere to participate in the sale. This means you will need to ensure there is a DEX with sufficient liquidity of your token to support your sale goals. This is especially important if you have created a new ERC-20 and there aren't many tokens in circulation yet.

Are there third party liquidity providers?

If you don't want to manage your own liquidity pools, you could run a liquidity provider (LP) rewards program through a partner like Merkl.

How many liquidity pools do i need to set up?

Quickswap and Warpgate use something called ‘automatic routing’ behind the scenes. If a player wants to swap between two tokens which don't have a liquidity pool set up for that exact pairing, it will attempt to find a common liquidity pool between the two tokens and make a seamless multi-step trade.

This means you don't need to set up a liquidity pool for each token on the DEX platform. Usually you only need to set up two liquidity pools and the automatic routing will work to facilitate trades between any of the listed tokens.

At the very least you should set up a liquidity pool between your ERC-20 token and IMX.

It is recommended to set up at least one other pool between either;

  • Your ERC-20 token and USDC
  • Your ERC-20 token and wETH.

Having at least two liquidity pools should give your token optimal trading coverage.

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