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Buying your ERC-20 token with fiat currencies

This guide will walk you through the required steps to enable players to purchase your token on Immutable zkEVM with fiat currencies.

You will need to have either launched a new ERC-20 token or migrated your existing ERC-20 token to Immutable zkEVM before players can purchase it.
in-game currency guidein-game currency guide
💡Who is this for?
Game developers have an ERC-20 token on Immutable zkEVM and want players to be able to purchase it with fiat currencies.

The best way allow players to purchase your ERC-20 token with fiat currencies on Immutable zkEVM is by using Checkout On‑ramp Widget. The On-ramp Widget is a drop-in solution for web-based games and marketplaces that simplifies the process of purchasing tokens with fiat (e.g. USD) onto the Immutable zkEVM network.

The On-ramp Widget works by using Immutable's TypeScript SDK to interact directly with Transak's fiat on-ramp solution. Immutable does not run its own fiat on-ramp.

Transak token support

Since our On-ramp Widget relies on Transak, for them to support your token, they will need to perform a Know Your Business (KYB) check on your business. This is essentially a due diligence review to ensure they are dealing with the correct business and this is required under Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations.

💡Transak Support
Transak has their own requirements for deciding whether to support a token including liquidity and estimated monthly volume. Unfortunately not all tokens will be viable for Transak to support. Please don't contact Transak directly, token support requests should go through Immutable in the first instance. You can reach out to us on Discord for further assistance.

When a player buys tokens with through Transak, Transak sends the player the tokens as soon as the funds clear, directly from wallets they control on Immutable zkEVM. Because there is no other bridging or trading that needs to happen, it's fast and relatively cheap.

For this to work Transak needs to have a wallet they control on Immutable zkEVM with funds ready and waiting to be sent to players. Since game tokens are often volatile and don't have a lot of liquidity, Transak is likely to require your business to provide the funds that enables their service to support your token.

Token details and allowlisting

Once your token is on Transak, we still need to add the token to the On-ramp Widget so it will appear in the list of available tokens for players to purchase. There are a few details we need from you to get it added to the On-ramp Widget:

  • Project name and estimated monthly on-ramp volume in USD.
  • The token's address, decimals, symbol and name on Immutable zkEVM.
  • The token's icon which should be in the SVG format and 64 x 64px square.
💡What's upcoming
We will be releasing a form to submit the request soon. For the moment you will need to reach out to support on Discord with these details and we can assist you further there.

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