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Accepting payments in a primary sale

This guide will walk you through the required steps to enable payments for a primary sale on Immutable zkEVM.

A primary sale is when your business is selling digital assets directly to players through a store front. The peer to peer sales of an asset on a marketplace are known as secondary sales.
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💡Who is this for?
Game developers who want to sell new digital assets directly to their players for fiat currencies or tokens.

The best way enable payments in your primary sale on Immutable zkEVM is by using Checkout Primary Sales Widget. The Primary Sales Widget is a drop-in solution for web-based store fronts which handles the payment flows, allowing your players to pay for digital assets using tokens or fiat currencies.

The Primary Sales Widget handles collecting fees on your behalf and delivering the purchased digital assets by minting them directly to the players wallet, all in one secure on-chain transaction.

Types of payments

Coin (Token) Payments

Players can buy digital assets using a blockchain wallet like Immutable's Passport or Metamask. They can purchase the digital assets with tokens on either Ethereum or Immutable zkEVM. If the digital assets are purchased using Passport the gas fees are waived.

Fiat Payments

Players can also buy digital assets using Credit/Debit Card, Google Pay or Apple Pay. When a player purchases digital assets using these methods, the funds will be settled to you as USDC tokens in your Immutable zkEVM wallet.

Using the Primary Sales Widget

💡Primary Sales Widget Enablement
The Primary Sales Widget is currently in its closed Beta release phase and we anticipate making it available publicly soon.

To gain access to the Primary Sales Widget, please complete the following form and our team will be in contact.

To understand more about the technical implementation please see the Primary Sales Widget documentation.

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