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Immutable zkEVM Ecosystem Partners

This page provides a list of curated product partners that support the Immutable ecosystem and can help on your building journey. To see a broader list of service providers check out the Immutable Partner Directory.

Block Explorer

  • Blockscout: A versatile block explorer that allows for detailed transaction and block inspections on various blockchain networks, enhancing transparency and accessibility.

RPC (Remote Procedure Call)

  • Quicknode: A leading RPC provider offering fast, reliable access to blockchain data with scalable infrastructure, supporting developers in building and running decentralized applications efficiently. For custom volume-based plans and RPC endpoints/features, please reach out to our third-party RPC provider QuickNode at or @captainquick (Telegram). We have an ongoing enterprise and self-service pricing plan for those interacting with Immutable zkEVM via QuickNode.
  • dRPC: dRPC is a market leader in decentralized RPC. It is a new-gen web3 API management platform currently supporting 50+ blockchains, across 100+ networks. It offers max reliability and performance through its permissioned global network of node providers, and unbeatable and transparent pay-as-you-go pricing model that costs up to three times less than the competition.


  • Goldsky: An amazing graphQL provider that provides efficient data retrieval and query services, facilitating the development of complex blockchain applications.
  • SubQuery: A powerful tool that allows developers to easily query blockchain data without the need for complex infrastructure, speeding up the development process.

DAO Governance

  • Tally: A comprehensive governance platform for decentralized organizations, enabling transparent voting and decision-making processes within DAOs.

Multi-Sig Smart Contracts

  • Safe: Previously known as Gnosis Safe, Safe provides secure multi-signature smart contract wallets, enhancing security for collective asset management and operations.


  • Axelar: A decentralized network that offers secure cross-chain communication, enabling interoperability and asset transfers between different blockchain ecosystems.

Decentralised Storage

  • Arweave: A novel blockchain-based storage solution aiming to offer permanent, tamper-proof data storage for a one-time fee, questioning the permanence and scalability of traditional storage methods.


  • Transak: Our fiat on-ramp for the Immutable zkEVM. A fiat-to-crypto payment gateway that simplifies the process of buying cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies, offering a seamless entry point for new users into the crypto ecosystem.
  • Moonpay: Our fiat on-ramp for Immutable X. A financial technology company that provides a smooth and secure fiat-to-crypto gateway, facilitating easy access to cryptocurrencies through various payment methods.

Rollup as a Service Providers (RaaSs)

  • Zeeve: Specializes in providing scalable, secure rollup solutions to enhance transaction throughput and efficiency on blockchain networks.
  • Gateway: Offers a platform for deploying and managing rollups, aimed at improving scalability and performance for decentralized applications.
  • Quicknode: Extends its infrastructure services to include rollup support, offering developers high-performance access to rollup technologies.
  • AltLayer: Provides a flexible rollup-as-a-service platform, enabling projects to scale effectively while maintaining security and decentralization.

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