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Immutable zkEVM is a gaming chain built on Ethereum that allows game developers to introduce customised digital ownership and Web3 mechanics in their games.

💡Technical Configurations
Immutable zkEVM Mainnet is now in Early Access. This means you can start to migrate your Testnet project to Mainnet.
  • If you want to access our technical configurations quickly such as endpoints including Mainnet, you can go directly here.
  • If you need help with migration to Immutable zkEVM, you can read our guide here.
  • Please ensure all collections utilise Immutable's operator allowlist to protect royalties and protocol fees.

Start building

Build a game

These sets of guides will teach you how to build and deploy a full-stack web3 game on the Immutable zkEVM rollup

Build a marketplace

These sets of guides will teach you how to build and deploy a fully decentralised marketplace on the Immutable zkEVM rollup

Tools for building


Immutable provides SDKs for a range of languages and frameworks that make it easy for application developers to execute basic, as well as more advanced, functionality.


Immutable provides APIs for studios and developers with all the on-chain data they need to build fantastic games through a simple, powerful, and scalable set of APIs



Non-custodial wallet and authentication solution that streamlines user onboarding through passwordless sign-on and automated wallet creation.


Complete payment solution that manages your game or marketplace's entire checkout process.


Mint millions of NFTs with ease and unlock truly scalable web3 games by using Immutable Mint to issue carbon neutral NFTs with Ethereum security.

Blockchain Data APIs

All the on-chain data you need to build fantastic games through a simple, powerful, and scalable set of APIs.


The Immutable Orderbook allows marketplaces, studios, and creators to increase their revenue and liquidity by sharing NFT orders across the world's leading NFT marketplaces

What is a zkEVM?

The EVM (Ethereum virtual machine) is the virtual machine that enables smart contracts to be executed on the Ethereum blockchain. Immutables zkEVM is a variant of the EVM built on Layer 2 zk-rollup, which is a scaling solution that enables high throughput and low-cost transactions while leveraging the security of the Ethereum mainnet.

The core benefit that it provides developers is that they can now build applications on a secure Layer 2 solution using the same language (Solidity) and development frameworks that they are used to on Ethereum Layer 1.

💡Smart Contracts Deployed

Key smart contracts in the Immutable ecosystem are deployed at addresses listed here

Explore the smart contracts deployed on Immutable's zkEVM Mainnet via the Explorer

Immutable zkEVM or Immutable X?

Immutable offer two different rollup technologies on which you can build your Web3 game: Immutable X (built on StarkEx) and Immutable zkEVM (built on Polygon zkEVM).

💡Use a single rollup
We recommend selecting one rollup to minimise developer and player friction that can be experienced by cross-rollup games.

Which rollup is right for your game? See the comparison table below:

Functionality comparison

FunctionalityImmutable XImmutable zkEVM
Accessible via Immutable APIs and SDKs
Secured by Ethereum with zk-proofs
Gas-less transactions
Write custom smart contracts
Atomic contract composability
Compatibility with Ethereum tooling (Solidity, Hardhat, RPC nodes, etc.)

Read also our CTO Alex Connolly’s deep-dive: Why choose Immutable zkEVM? Unleashing the Potential of Web3 Games.

💡Looking for gas-free transactions?

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