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Blockchain Data APIs

Immutable's Blockchain Data APIs index on-chain state changes and off-chain metadata to allow developers to efficiently retrieve information from Immutable's rollups.

Blockchain Data APIsBlockchain Data APIs


Immutable's Blockchain Data API product is a useful tool for tracking on-chain activity as well as off-chain metadata. Partners can access the Blockchain Data API through the following methods

FeatureUseful ForAvailable To
WebhooksReal-time updates tailored to your application's requirements. Additionally, webhook streams can be utilised by an application to synchronise a local database with blockchain events and assets.Webhooks are exclusively available to partners who maintain a managed relationship with Immutable. If you don't currently have a relationship with Immutable, please feel free to get in touch with us via this link.
PollingSpot checking individual activities, NFTs, tokens and collections.Polling is offered to managed and self service partners.

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