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Get chain data

Immutable's Blockchain Data indexer supports multiple blockchains. The List Chains function returns a list of supported blockchains. This function is useful to get details on supported chains without need for hard coding them, and programs can use it to integrate new chains automatically.

Get chain dataGet chain data

Supported chains

The following zkEVM chains are currently live:

Chain NameChain IDOperator Allowlist Address

Request parameters

Pagination parametersParameters such as page_size and page_cursor that allow you to control the size and order of the data retrievedNo

List all chains supported by Immutable's Indexer

If a user wants to review all chains (Production and Dev) supported by Immutable’s search engine the `listChains` function should be used with the following parameters:

const ListChains = async () => {
const response = await client.listChains();
return response.result;

The result will return an array of Chain objects.

Example response

"result": [
"id": "eip155:13473",
"name": "imtbl-zkevm-testnet",
"rpc_url": "string"
"page": {
"previous_cursor": "ewogICJ0eXBlIjogInByZXYiLAogICJpdGVtIjogewogICAgImlkIjogNjI3NTEzMCwKICAgICJjcmVhdGVkX2F0IjogIjIwMjItMDktMTNUMTc6MDQ6MTIuMDI0MTI2WiIKICB9Cn0=",
"next_cursor": "ewogICJ0eXBlIjogInByZXYiLAogICJpdGVtIjogewogICAgImlkIjogNjI3NTEzMCwKICAgICJjcmVhdGVkX2F0IjogIjIwMjItMDktMTNUMTc6MDQ6MTIuMDI0MTI2WiIKICB9Cn0="

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