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Get ERC20 token data

Immutable's Blockchain Data APIs allow developers to retrieve data about fungible/ERC20 tokens on Immutable-supported chains. You can get a list of supported ERC20 tokens supported on a specific chain, or details of a specific token, via Immutable's Token API.

Get ERC20 token dataGet ERC20 token data


$IMX is the native token to Immutable's zkEVM blockchain. Immutable supports both native and ERC20 interfaces for $IMX for developer convenience. However the Blockchain Data indexer will always represent activities $IMX as native for consistency purposes, independent of what interface was called.

Request parameters

chainNameString representing the name of the chain. A list of available chains can be found here.Yes
contractAddressThe contract address of a ERC20 contract; mandatory if you are requesting details of a specific ERC20 tokenNo

List all ERC20 tokens supported by Immutable's indexer

This request returns all supported ERC20 tokens on a user specified blockchain.

Use the List Tokens API directly, or use one of the SDKs:

const response = await client.listTokens({ chainName:"<foobar>" });

Example response

"result": {
"chain": {
"id": "eip155:13473",
"name": "imtbl-zkevm-testnet"
"contract_address": "string",
"root_contract_address": "string",
"symbol": "string",
"decimals": 0,
"image_url": "string",
"name": "string"

Get the details of a single token

This request returns details of a ERC20 token supported on a user specified blockchain. Use the Get Token API with the following parameters:

const chainName = 'imtbl-zkevm-testnet';
const contractAddress = CONTRACT_ADDRESS;
const response = await client.getToken({chainName, contractAddress});

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