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Webhook Events: Activities

The activities webhook event provides details on minting (NFT), transferring (NFT), burning (NFT), trading (NFT), withdrawals (ERC20) and deposits (ERC20) on Immutable's zkEVM blockchain. These events are great for tracking NFT ownership changes, as well as monitoring blockchain activity to trigger updates to your application.

Activities webhook event detailsActivities webhook event details

What information does the activities webhook event provide?

Activities are enriched blockchain events provided by Immutable to developers. These events detail various on-chain activities, each categorized by an activityType. They are particularly useful for tracking asset ownership changes, as ownership details are included in events like imtbl_zkevm_activity_burn, imtbl_zkevm_activity_transfer, and imtbl_zkevm_activity_sale.

No NFT metadata is provided in the Activities events; the following workflows are available to determine an asset's metadata:

  1. Backend Integration: Use your local application's backend to keep track of metadata attributes and token_id to metadata_id mappings. These can be found by subscribing to NFT and Metadata events.
  2. API Polling: Use the Blockchain Data API NFT endpoint using token_id to review the assets metadata attributes.

By doing so, developers can efficiently track asset ownership changes while also obtaining metadata details when needed.

The following activityTypes are supported:

Activity TypeActivities EventDescription
mintimtbl_zkevm_activity_mintAn activity of type mint means an NFT has been created and recorded onto a blockchain as a unique and indivisible digital asset, representing digital art, music, videos, or other creative works.
burnimtbl_zkevm_activity_burnAn activity of type burn identifies an NFT that has been intentionally and permanently destroyed, usually by sending it to an unspendable address (0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000).
transferimtbl_zkevm_activity_transferAn activity of type transfer means an NFT has been sent from one person's digital wallet address to another person's digital wallet address, resulting in a change of ownership on the blockchain.
saleimtbl_zkevm_activity_saleAn activity of type sale means an NFT has been exchanged for a certain amount of cryptocurrency or fiat currency between a buyer and a seller on an online marketplace.
depositimtbl_zkevm_activity_depositAn activity of type deposit means an ERC20 token has been deposited from the Ethereum blockchain
withdrawalimtbl_zkevm_activity_withdrawalAn activity of type withdrawal means an ERC20 token has been withdrawn to the Ethereum blockchain

Example responses

Below are some examples of activities events for each activityTypes:

"Type": "Notification",
"MessageId": "dca9d68e-f9b0-5b4b-aca7-8b26df34eac6",
"TopicArn": "arn:aws:sns:us-east-2:783421985614:webhook-outbound-sandbox",
"Message": "{"event_name":"imtbl_zkevm_activity_mint","event_id":"018b3c3d-a3aa-a4c9-4c16-dc7a2bd7d715","chain":"imtbl-zkevm-testnet","data":{"id":"018b3c3d-a377-8e68-6cab-2e8db249729a","chain":{"id":"eip155:13473","name":"imtbl-zkevm-testnet"},"details":{"to":"0x9c1634bebc88653d2aebf4c14a3031f62092b1d9","asset":{"token_id":"123123","contract_type":"erc721","contract_address":"0x43c98025464e9b326be3c3782db5867073b8e78c"},"amount":"1"},"indexed_at":"2023-10-17 06:05:54.469511","activity_type":"mint","blockchain_metadata":{"log_index":"0","block_number":"2895332","transaction_hash":"0xa58996d4250b964799ad62afa1b6d9188df1d60fad339857ccab4388a07212af","transaction_index":"0"}}}",
"Timestamp": "2023-10-17T06:05:56.378Z",
"SignatureVersion": "1",
"Signature": "hYHM9z0H38JA3AYO/guKTRgsxloGLx0vICVLny36gM8vfqjj1i7xzxRioWFTB+OfngE96gG+vmLmGf7W/RWkjf+dn9dKBijAtZ5CTKigkYnhmxNY1CuarAsEAzf2BlpY80fzHx+gaHaLUgaC6/DJ3ZGD1gM8SS4J5JWKWpvf7DAclGyIp8cPHCcsOcT8JBJf1Mu8Z+0sDOIhtsMD04pUn6QGAbZ82z6eG9mn1PbrocPE/8lOk8elmXdvQjVn9+FcLEIEadXG6INooJ5e5EtZuVEKXlVj9tPugwDbm/1nuWWAf2tArjGvHzIWL04IwbBMDj5Bx5cMU7ycPuLoea3ATA==",
"SigningCertURL": "",
"UnsubscribeURL": "",
"MessageAttributes": {
"chain": {
"Type": "String",
"Value": "imtbl-zkevm-testnet"
"collection_address": {
"Type": "String",
"Value": "0x43c98025464e9b326be3c3782db5867073b8e78c"
"event": {
"Type": "String",
"Value": "imtbl_zkevm_activity_mint"

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