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Webhook Events: Tokens

The tokens webhook event signals when a new ERC20 token is deployed on Immutable's zkEVM platform.

Token webhook event detailsToken webhook event details

What information does the Token webhook event provide?

The token_updated event triggers when a new ERC-20 contract is deployed on zkEVM. It is used to identify what ERC-20 tokens are present on zkEVM.

This event does not signal when the balance of an ERC-20 tokens changes.

Example response

Below is an example of a token_updated event.

New ERC-20 contract deployed
"event_name": "imtbl_zkevm_token_updated",
"event_id": "018b45ce-d14e-b115-a545-2f3e1d6b3a9c",
"chain": "imtbl-zkevm-testnet",
"data": {
"chain": {
"id": "eip155:13473",
"name": "imtbl-zkevm-testnet"
"contract_address": "0x41f59257baef58d2e1bd7651afe4fec7be383214",
"indexed_at": "2023-10-19T02:41:03.370032Z",
"updated_at": "2023-10-19T02:41:03.802596Z",
"contract_type": "erc20",
"symbol": "TestContract",
"name": "ERC20 Test Contract",
"image": null,
"contract_uri": null,
"description": null,
"external_link": null,
"metadata_synced_at": null,
"decimals": 18,
"root_contract_address": null

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