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Passport integration

Passport can be added into Checkout to support all Passport users on zkEVM. This integration is required so that the Passport option will show on the Connect Widget and be an option for users to connect and make use of Passport within all Checkout widgets.

passport integrationpassport integration

💡Passport integration
To support Passport as a wallet option, first follow the Passport documentation and complete the setup steps . You will need to register your application and install and initialise. Once you have completed this you can follow the tutorial below to add the Passport wallet option to Checkout.

Initialise Passport and add to the CheckoutSDK constructor

In your application, initialise the Passport instance as outlined in the Passport documentation. Once you have your Passport instance created, simply pass this while creating an object for CheckoutSDK class. CheckoutSDK and Checkout widgets are now aware of existence of Passport instance.

Bridge Widget

The Bridge Widget does not currently support Passport users. This is coming soon.

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