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Verifying Your Game's Assets

This page documents the proceedure for verifying your assets (ERC20, ERC721 and ERC1155) with Immutable so they can recieve a trusted blue checkmark. Having this checkmark will increase consumer confidence in transactions related to your assets

Verifying assetsVerifying assets


Immutable's verification program is currently in its Beta phase.

Passport integration will be completed shortly, and Immutable is collaborating with Marketplaces and Blockscout to integrate this product into their technical stack.

Immutable encourages all game studios to verify their collections as soon as possible. This will allow their gaming community to benefit from the advantages that a blue checkmark provides to players and traders.

As Immutable rolls out its integrations, all verified assets will benefit from these enhancements without game studios having to perform additional work.

Immutable's asset verification process is different to verifying a smart contract's code on Immutable's explorer. Both are recommended tasks to perform prior to your game's launch.

For more information on verifying your smart contract on Immutable's Explorer check out this guide

What is a verified asset?

Immutable conducts reviews of in-game assets upon request from game studios. This process applies to ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155 contracts. Assets associated with legitimate games and properly labeled will receive a Verified status. This status will be integrated into transactional processes and displayed as a blue checkmark on various user interfaces.

Having a blue checkmark for a verified assets provides the following benefits to game studios:

  • Improves User Confidence: Transactions involving unverified assets will soon trigger Passport confirmation screens, informing users that the collection is unknown to Immutable. Verified assets will result in the user seeing a Passport transaction confirmation screen without this warning, assuring them that they are dealing with assets from known games. This reduces fraudulent transactions by preventing the exchange of assets with no utility value.
  • Marketplace Integration: Select marketplaces will be updated to recognize asset's verification state, enhancing consumer confidence among traders exchanging assets. The following marketplaces have integrated with Immutable's Verified Collection product
    • OKX - Verified assets will receive a blue checkmark indicating the asset is a legitimate gaming NFT. Inactive or SPAM collections will be delisted.
    • Sphere - Inactive or SPAM collections will be delisted.
  • Ecosystem Integration: Immutable will periodically update ecosystem providers with asset's verification status, which will be represented to users by platforms like Immutable Explorer.

Players and traders will encounter assets with a verification status at various points in their Web3 journey, providing additional confidence in the legitimacy of their transactions. This confidence is expected to increase the likelihood, and therefore the number, of transactions that occur within your game's ecosystem as a consequence of having verified assets.

Immutable's Blockchain Data API will have verification status on the following endpoints:

  • Collection: To indicate the verification state of ERC721 or ERC1155 collections

  • Token: To indicate the verification state of ERC20 contract

    For a list of verification states see below.

    See disclaimer below for further details of what a verified asset represents.

How to verify your game's assets

ERC20, ERC721 and ERC1155 assets can be verified via Immutable's Hub.

Requirements for verified Assets

To expedite the verification process, Immutable requests that assets adhere to the following standards:

NFTs: ERC721 & ERC1155 Collection Standards

  • Collections must be linked to your Hub account. See below for more details on how to do this.
  • The collection's metadata name must include your game's name so players and traders can easily identify which application the asset has utility value in.
  • The collection's metadata description must accurately reflect the purpose of the assets belonging to that collection.
  • The collection's metadata cannot be labeled similarly to other applications within Immutable's ecosystem to avoid confusion among players and traders about the true purpose of the assets.
  • Ensure your collection has implemented Immutable's Operator Allowlist to protect your asset royalties. Follow this guide for correct implementation.
  • Verify the collection in Immutable Explorer. Use this guide to make the bytecode of your contract visible.

Tokens: ERC20 Contract Standards

  • Your ERC20 contract must be linked to your Immutable Hub account. See below for more details on how to do this.
  • Your ERC20 name and symbol cannot be labeled similarly to other ERC20s or applications within Immutable's ecosystem to avoid confusion among players and traders about the true purpose of the assets.
  • Verify the ERC20 in Immutable Explorer. See here for a guide how to make the bytecode of your contract visible.

How to verify your game's assets in Hub

  1. Link your ERC20, ERC721 and ERC1155 contract to your Immutable Hub account. This can be done in 2 ways:
  • Deploy the contract from our Immutable Hub's factory
  • Deploy the contract manually via the command line and link your contract via your hub account. Details can be found below for each contract type:
    • ERC20
    • ERC721 & ERC1155
  1. Verify your contract via Immutable's explorer. For more information on verifying your smart contract on Immutable's Explorer check out this guide.
  2. In Hub, navigate to your deployed collection and click on it to view the details. Click the Verify with Immutable button located in the top right-hand corner.
verify button in hub
  1. Immutable will review your request and assign a verification status. Once this process is complete, your collection will display the assigned verification status.
verified collections in hub

Asset verification is a powerful tool for building trust with your players. Verified assets instill player confidence in transactions.

Labeling assets as Inactive helps remove confusion from your community regarding collections and tokens that are no longer relevant to your game. This could be due to asset migration or accidental contract deployment.

Be sure to inform Immutable about any erroneous contracts so they can be labeled as Inactive. Marketplaces and ecosystem providers can use this flag to delist the asset from the exchange, ensuring that players and traders only purchase valid assets.

Verification Status

Immutable can assign other verification statuses to ERC20, ERC721 and ERC1155 assets. Here is a list of statuses assets can be labelled as.

VerifiedAssets marked as 'Verified' have undergone registration by Immutable and have received a blue checkmark. See disclaimer below
UnverifiedAll ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155 assets start in an 'unverified' state upon deployment to the zkEVM chain. This status does not imply malicious intent; rather, it indicates that the asset has not yet been inspected by Immutable. However, it is advisable for game studios to seek Verification from Immutable to receive the blue checkmark, as it enhances total traded volume by instilling additional confidence in transactions involving verified assets among players and traders.
InactiveAssets classified as 'Inactive' have lost their utility value within a game. These assets may include test collections or items that were previously valuable but are no longer intended for player transactions. Some marketplaces may disregard Inactive assets, and transactions involving these assets will be accompanied by appropriate warnings in Passport to alert users of their inactive status.
SPAMAssets labeled as 'SPAM' are those deployed with malicious intent to defraud or confuse players and traders. These assets are flagged as SPAM based on alerts from Immutable's monitoring tools or reports from the community. If deemed to lack legitimate Web3 value by Immutable, they are designated as SPAM. Certain marketplaces may disregard SPAM assets, and transactions involving them will feature strong warnings in Passport, advising users against completing the transaction.


Please note, the verification process performed by Immutable is confined to an assessment of an asset's authenticity for security and anti-fraud purposes. It is not a legal or regulatory assessment of an asset's design, features and/or characteristics, or indeed any other kind of assessment; you should seek independent legal advice on such matters. While Immutable takes all reasonable care in conducting verification reviews of in-game assets, to the maximum extent permitted by law, it will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or punitive damages arising out of or in connection with the verification process.

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