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Immutable Hub

Unleash your game’s potential with the Immutable Hub — your all-in-one platform for effortless project management and deployment. Seamlessly launch and manage collections and tokens, with secure access management, all while staying in complete control of your Web3 journey.

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Immutable HubImmutable Hub


Project ManagementCreate and manage your projects that are used to launch collections and tokens, manage Passport clients, API keys, webhooks and more.
OrganisationsInvite and collaborate with other users on your projects, ensuring secure access and streamlined teamwork.
Passport ConfigurationCreate and manage Immutable Passport clients, the all-in-one authentication and wallet solution which works across all Immutable-supported games.
Collection ManagementDeploy and manage ERC-721 contracts.
Token ManagementDeploy and manage ERC-20 token contracts.
API KeysAccess and manage your environments API keys.
Webhooks ConfigurationConfigure webhooks to receive real-time notifications for specific events, keeping your data up-to-date and responsive.

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