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Create orders - bids

This page shows how you can bid for an asset, so that you can find a seller through the orderbook by placing a buy order.

What are bids?

Bids are buy orders listed in the orderbook, where a buyer conveys the intention to acquire a specific asset at a maximum designated price. Once a bid is placed, holders of the targeted asset have the option to either accept the bid price or propose a more favorable one.

These bids play a pivotal role in asset and price discovery within the trading community. By indicating a buyer's readiness to transact at a specific price, bids offer valuable insights into the market's demand for particular items and the corresponding price levels. This bid mechanism contributes to a more transparent and efficient marketplace, enabling participants to discern sought-after assets and their associated prices.

How does Immutable orderbook support bids?

Immutable is actively working on integrating bid support into its zkEVM orderbook.

For the latest developments and updates on Immutable's bids initative, please refer back to this page.

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