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Order statuses

Description of the available order statuses and their description.

StatusDescriptionTerminal (status cannot be reversed)
PENDINGThis status is attached when an order has just been created and has not yet been validated. Additionally, another reason is that the listing time has not yet begun.No
ACTIVEThe order has passed all validation requirements and can be filled (purchased) by a user. A partially filled order will remain ACTIVE until it is fully filled.No
INACTIVEThe order does not have the required approval or the owner's balance was not sufficient to successfully list the order. Note that INACTIVE orders can become ACTIVE if conditions are metNo
CANCELLEDThe order has been cancelled and can no longer by filled.Yes
FILLEDThe order has been filled (purchased) fully.Yes
EXPIREDThe order has expired and can no longer be filled.Yes

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