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Implement user login experience

A key component of implementing Immutable Passport is the front-end user experience. This guide details implementation of the sign in button which aligns to our brand guidelines.

Immutable signinImmutable signin

Immutable Passport improves your user app experience to easily sign up or sign in easily into your app without needing you to provide a separate signup flow. We have tried and tested placements to ensure your app authentication experience is optimised by using the following assets and widgets.

Key components that comprise your Immutable Passport front-end integration

  • Guidance on sign-in button
  • Guidance on sign-in alongside other authentication solutions

Default sign-in button

We have the following standard styles for the signup and signin button. Sign in button placement should be below the text instructing the user to sign in and large enough to be easily identified.

The text on your button should say “Sign in with Immutable” with a number of format options detailed below. You can download these SVG files and use as default buttons.

When to useIn dark mode situationsIn light mode situations
Default sign up and sign in
In smaller spaces less
than 300px width, you
can use the logo lockup
in button only however
button should be
proceded with the words
"Sign in with"
Sign in with
Sign in with

Our standard assets for building custom buttons

If you wish to create the above buttons in code, you should use the following official logos and styling guides.

SVG files

The styling guides are in the below table:

DarkFill: #F3F3F3
Height: 48px
Width: 252px
Radius: 48px
Font: #131313 Roboto Medium
LightFill: #131313
Height: 48px
Width: 252px
Radius: 48px
Font: #E1E1E1 Roboto Medium

Alongside other authentication solutions

By exception, and upon review by our team, you may be able to modify the above default with your default style. We allow this based on your need to create multi-auth implementations. In these circumstances your Immutable Passport button implementation should be on par with the other wallet and authentication solutions you're providing.

Vertical stack alongside
other authentication providers
Button style horizontal layout
Monochrome Immutable logo options
To help you with your customisation, here are also our standard monochrome logo options:

Light background
Dark background

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