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Returns the receipt of a transaction requested by transaction hash.


  1. TransactionHash: string. The hash of the transaction to retrieve.


Returns a Promise that resolves with null if the transaction cannot be found, or an object containing information about the transaction receipt. See the Ethereum eth_getTransactionReceipt documentation for a type definition of a transaction receipt.


const transactionReceipt = await provider.request({
method: 'eth_getTransactionReceipt',
params: [
// {
// blockHash: "0xa957d47df264a31badc3ae823e10ac1d444b098d9b73d204c40426e57f47e8c3",
// blockNumber: "0xeff35f",
// contractAddress: null, // string of the address if it was created
// cumulativeGasUsed: "0xa12515",
// effectiveGasPrice: "0x5a9c688d4",
// from: "0x6221a9c005f6e47eb398fd867784cacfdcfff4e7",
// gasUsed: "0xb4c8",
// logs: [],
// logsBloom: "0x00...0", // 256 byte bloom filter
// status: "0x1",
// to: "0xc02aaa39b223fe8d0a0e5c4f27ead9083c756cc2",
// transactionHash: "0x85d995eba9763907fdf35cd2034144dd9d53ce32cbec21349d4b12823c6860c5",
// transactionIndex: "0x66",
// type: "0x2"
// }

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