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Summary of Immutable products

Immutable offers a full-stack gaming solution for builders of Web3 games.

We started our journey with the development of Gods Unchained in 2017. During this, we experienced the difficulty of creating a game on layer 1 Ethereum due to the prohibitively high gas fees, lack of tooling and infrastructure, segmented liquidity, and poor player experience. All of those lessons have been used to build the Immutable Platform. By using our solutions, you can focus on making a great game, whilst we offer the best Web3 components to help you including pre-built solutions, optimized for usability that help developers like you get to market faster without sacrificing security or player experience.

Components of the Immutable Platform

Immutable Products

Immutable’s suite of platform products represent a set of tools that make building games easy through seamless player onboarding, increased liquidity and monetization, and native gameplay experiences.

ProductUse case
PassportNon-custodial wallet and authentication solution that streamlines user onboarding through passwordless sign-on and automated wallet creation.
CheckoutComplete payment solution that manages your game or marketplace's entire checkout process.
OrderbookEnables marketplaces, studios, and creators to increase their revenue and liquidity by sharing NFT orders across the world's leading NFT marketplaces.
ContractsImmutable's preset contracts are equipped with features purpose-built for Web3 gaming, simplifying the integration process with Immutable's zkEVM platform.
MintingMint millions of NFTs with ease and unlock truly scalable web3 games by using Immutable Mint to issue carbon neutral NFTs with Ethereum security.
Blockchain Data APIsAll the on-chain data you need to build fantastic games through a simple, powerful, and scalable set of APIs.
RelayerAllows users to pay for gas in tokens other than $IMX enabling Immutable or studios to pay for gas on behalf of users
BridgesAllows users to move funds from ETH L1 to Immutable zkEVM to pay gas fees

Immutable’s foundations represent how developers engage with Immutable and integrate Immutable’s technology into their game.

FoundationUse case
SDKsConvenient access to our APIs and smart contracts so you can leverage our ready-made web3 infrastructure quickly and securely, from the existing development environment that you know best
Immutable HubYour mission control for web3 - enabling you to launch and manage your projects in one easy place, quickly access live support, and discover educational content to help guide your decisions

Immutable’s rollup offerings are how games on Immutable achieve massive scale without compromising security. Immutable has two zk-rollups with no-to-low gas options that provide optionality for developers depending on the objective and complexity of their game.

FoundationUse case
Immutable zkEVMAn EVM compatible chain for games that enables advanced gameplay mechanics, rich economies, and interoperability with the Ethereum ecosystem. This rollup is recommended for more complex and mature games that want to use smart contracts in their design. 
Immutable XOffers zero gas fees, instant transactions, and streamlined gameplay mechanics. This rollup offers a more closed environment and doesn’t support smart contracts or Solidity code, so it’s recommended for less complex and mature games that don’t require smart contracts in their design.

Sample player experience

Now that you have an understanding of the different solutions offered by Immutable, let’s walk through a real use case to demonstrate how the solutions come to life. At each touch point across a gamer’s journey, Immutable technology provides familiar experiences that seamlessly integrate digital asset ownership with native gameplay.

  1. Player onboarding

A player starts their journey by creating an account and logging into your game. With Immutable Passport, players can sign-up, authenticate, and create a non-custodial wallet in less than 20 seconds. Players only need to provide and confirm their email, then they’ll be able to begin playing immediately.

  1. Real-time minting

Congratulations! Your player has completed level 1 and earned an NFT reward. This reward can be minted in real-time into their Immutable Passport wallet using the Mint API. Immutable Mint allows you to mint millions of collectibles with ease and unlock truly scalable Web3 games.

  1. Purchasing an asset

Your player loves the collectible they received for completing level 1 and now they want to buy another one. However, they don’t have any coins in their wallet yet. With Immutable Checkout, they are able to purchase coins using their credit card and use those coins to buy the desired collectible, all within one familiar purchasing experience.

  1. Listing an asset

Now that your player owns multiple collectibles, they want to try selling one. Within their wallet, they can list an asset directly on the Immutable Orderbook & Marketplace Network so it shows up in your in-game marketplace and across all of the leading NFT marketplaces. This improves your liquidity and revenue generated from secondary trading, while also empowering the player to get the best price for their asset.

  1. Trading the asset

A user on Token Trove's NFT marketplace sees the asset for sale and decides to bid on the asset. Your player accepts the bid and the asset is traded for the agreed price. The coins show up in your player’s wallet within moments, and they’ve never had to exit the in-game experience.

  1. In-game transactions

Your player has now reached level 10 and has collected NFTs along the way that they would like to trade in-game, without the need for external marketplaces. Immutable APIs and SDKs make it trivial to bootstrap a custom marketplace for your game.

As you can see, the Immutable stack allows you to seamlessly integrate digital asset ownership with native gameplay, providing familiar experiences at every touch point in your player’s journey.

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