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Web3 projects

This section covers project level insights to maximise the success of your web3 game.


From our experience launching Gods Unchained - we know that a successful web3 game requires execution on more than just the technical front. From crafting a project narrative, to rallying a community, to creating a sustainable economy - it can be difficult to know where to start.

Our aim is to provide a high level overview of many foundational concepts and share actionable insights on how you can incorporate them into your project. As you read through our content, remember that web3 is continually evolving and there are no definitive answers. We can only share with you what we’ve learned and observed from our own experiences and over time these guides will grow. We hope that you’ll take this knowledge as a baseline and experiment to the best of your ability!

How to use this section 

  • For builders new to web3 - Try starting at the top of the table below to begin your journey.
  • For builders familiar with web3 - Content is modular so feel free to skip to sections you are interested in.


Immutable foundationsAn introduction to Immutable products and the technical architecture of a web3 game.
Designing tokenomicsUnderstand how different tokenomic concepts impact in game economy design.
Game designInsights from our Studio team on how to build great games.


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