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2. Set up the development environment

Download the starter code

To begin this tutorial, download the starter code for the Immutable Runner game from GitHub.

  1. Install git-lfs since some large game assets are stored on Git Large File Storage.
  2. Clone the unity-sdk-game-tutorial repository.

The repository contains multiple branches, each representing a snapshot for each step in the tutorial. The starter code is available in the branch named step_00 (accessible via this link).

You can skip ahead or check what a specific tutorial step should look like by switching to the relevant branch. or instance, if you'd like to view the complete code after finishing step 5, you can switch to the step_05 branch to see it.

The complete game, including all tutorial steps, can be found in the complete branch.

Set up the game

  1. Open the cloned unity-sdk-game-tutorial project in your preferred IDE.
  2. Switch to branch step_00.
  3. Open the Unity Hub application.
  4. In the Projects tab, click the Add button and open the unity-sdk-game-tutorial/ directory.
Unity hub modules
  1. Click on unity-sdk-game-tutorial to open the game in the Unity Editor.
  2. In the Project window, search for Boot.
  3. Start the game by double-clicking the Boot file and clicking the Play button at the top middle of the Unity Editor window.
Unity hub modules

Install the SDK

There are multiple methods for installing the Immutable Unity SDK into the game. Please choose one method and install our Unity SDK and its dependency (UniTask) into the game.

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