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Deploy preset contracts via Immutable Hub

This quick tutorial covers everything you need to do to launch a standard contract (ERC-721, ERC-20) via the Immutable Hub.

Prerequisites and setup

Setting up Immutable Hub account and zkEVM project

Join Immutable Hub

Immutable Hub is the admin panel and learning platform for Immutable developers. Sign up typically takes between 3 and 5 minutes and you’ll be asked a few simple questions to help us understand what you’re building.

Immutable Hub

Use the Immutable Hub to create a zkEVM project

Once you’ve set up your Immutable Hub account, you can create a project. Create a project and fill in the following in the setup flow:

  • Project Name: the name of your application (e.g. My Project)
  • Project Rollup: Immutable zkEVM
  • Environment Name: anything you want (e.g. Testing)
  • Environment Type: Testnet

Games should initially build on our testing/testnet environment before switching to production/mainnet.

Once complete, you will see many features on the sidebar where you'll configure your Immutable integration for this project and environment.

New Immutable Hub Project

Deploy an ERC-721 (Collection) preset contract via Immutable Hub

For a comprehensive guide, visit this link.

Deploy an ERC-20 (Token) preset contract via Immutable Hub

Go to the project you've previously set up in Immutable Hub.

Connect your minting Metamask wallet by clicking the Connect Wallet button on the top right menu of Immutable Hub and navigate to your project and environment.

In the Tokens submenu, click Deploy token:

  • Create a Name for your token
  • Create a Symbol for your token that is 2-3 characters long
  • Enter the Max Supply of the token you want to deploy
  • Paste the Image URL that you want for your token
Deploy contract modal
  • Enter the Admin Address that is a valid wallet address that will be able to manage the contract
  • Enter the Minter Address that is a valid wallet address that will have minting privileges
  • Click Deploy contract

Hub will automatically check your wallet's connected network. If your network is not already connected to the respective chain (IMX zkEVM Testnet or IMX zkEVM Mainnet), then you will prompted in Metamask to switch. Here, select Switch Network. If you are deploying on Testnet, tIMX will be automatically given to you via our faucet as part of the process.

Switching network
  • You will be prompted to sign a transaction with your wallet. This step costs gas and will deploy your contract.
Deploying contract
  • You will be prompted to sign a message with your wallet. This step is gasless and will link your token to your project's environment.
Linking collection
🎉Contract Deployed Successfully!
You can now view your contract on the Immutable zkEVM Testnet Explorer or the Immutable zkEVM Mainnet Explorer by searching for your contract address (visible in Hub). Alternatively, you can click on your deployed contract in the Immutable Hub and click the Block Explorer link.

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