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Interact with contracts

To interact with your smart contracts, you'll need to use one of the standard Ethereum libraries like viem or ethers.js.

Import smart contract bindings

The contracts library which contains our smart contract presets can also be used to import Typescript ABIs that can be used directly with modern libraries like abitype, viem and wagmi.


The TypeScript ABIs can be used to interact with deployed preset contracts in a type-safe way.

Read more about interacting with contracts using viem.

To import a Typescript ABI use the following pattern:

import {
} from '@imtbl/contracts';

Interact with contract

Here is an example script that uses the importable Typescript ABI with viem to send a mint transaction on a deployed preset contract:

import { getContract, http, createWalletClient, defineChain } from 'viem';
import { privateKeyToAccount } from 'viem/accounts';
import { ImmutableERC721Abi } from '@imtbl/contracts';

const PRIVATE_KEY = 'YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY'; // should be read from environment variable
const CONTRACT_ADDRESS = '0xYOUR_CONTRACT_ADDRESS'; // should be of type `0x${string}`
const TOKEN_ID_1 = BigInt(1);
const TOKEN_ID_2 = BigInt(2);
const TOKEN_ID_3 = BigInt(3);
const TOKEN_ID_4 = BigInt(4);
const ACCOUNT_ADDRESS_1: `0x${string}` = '0xACCOUNT_ADDRESS_1'; // should be of type `0x${string}`
const ACCOUNT_ADDRESS_2: `0x${string}` = '0xACCOUNT_ADDRESS_2'; // should be of type `0x${string}`

const immutableTestnet = defineChain({
id: 13473,
name: 'imtbl-zkevm-testnet',
nativeCurrency: { name: 'IMX', symbol: 'IMX', decimals: 18 },
rpcUrls: {
default: {
http: [''],

const walletClient = createWalletClient({
chain: immutableTestnet,
transport: http(),
account: privateKeyToAccount(`0x${PRIVATE_KEY}`),

// Bound contract instance
const contract = getContract({
abi: ImmutableERC721Abi,
client: walletClient,

const mint = async (): Promise<string> => {
// We can use the read function hasRole to check if the intended signer
// has sufficient permissions to mint before we send the transaction
const minterRole = await;

const hasMinterRole = await[

if (!hasMinterRole) {
// Handle scenario without permissions...
console.log('Account doesnt have permissions to mint.');
return Promise.reject(
new Error('Account doesnt have permissions to mint.')

// Construct the mint requests
const requests = [
tokenIds: [TOKEN_ID_1, TOKEN_ID_2],
tokenIds: [TOKEN_ID_3, TOKEN_ID_4],

const txHash = await contract.write.mintBatch([requests]);

console.log(`txHash: ${txHash}`);
return txHash;


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