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zkEVM Operator Allowlist

💡Waitlist during Immutable zkEVM Mainnet Early Access
  1. Immutable's Operator Allowlist serves as a safeguard, protecting game studios' royalties from third-party marketplaces.
  2. Immutable recommends all game studios use Immutable's preset contracts to ensure your royalties are protected.
  3. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on adding your deployed smart contract to Immutable's Operator Allowlist.
  4. Please note that only partners under contract with Immutable will have their smart contracts added to Immutable's Operator Allowlist.

To uphold fair compensation for game studios and content creators, Immutable has introduced an Operator Allowlist, ensuring that secondary market trading complies with settlement contracts and respects royalty fees.

Contracts requiring Operator Allowlist inclusion:

  • Contracts necessitating approvals from collections.
  • Contracts facilitating ERC721 asset transfers between addresses.

Contracts ineligible for Operator Allowlist approval:

  • Settlement contracts beyond those integrated with Immutable's Global Orderbook.
  • Order book contracts that could disrupt liquidity on Immutable's Global Orderbook.

Immutable reserves the right to remove contracts from the Operator Allowlist if found in violation of the stated policy.

The Operator Allowlist applies to both Testnet and Mainnet, ensuring consistency across environments. Studios typically initiate access requests on Testnet for contract validation before proceeding with Mainnet requests.

Benefits of using Immutable's preset contracts

Immutable offers custom-built preset contracts tailored for the zkEVM ecosystem, providing game studios with streamlined integration solutions. Here are the key benefits:

  • Royalty Fee Protection: Preset contracts include implementation of the Operator Allowlist, ensuring protection of royalty fees.
  • Compatibility with Minting API: Seamless integration with the Minting API simplifies asset creation processes.
  • Gas-Optimised Batch Minting: Multiple batch minting functions, optimised for different gaming scenarios, enable efficient transaction processing.
  • Compatibility with All Immutable Features: Preset contracts are regression tested and fully compatible with all products and features offered by Immutable's platform.

For additional functionalities, we recommend utilising Immutable's presets as a base and extending them with your enhancements.

Process for waitlisting your project

  • Log into Immutable Hub, and locate "Help" on the bottom left of your menu
  • Here locate and click on "Add custom contract to Operator Allowlist"
OAL Allowlist Help Menu
  • Follow the prompts and fill in the application details

Requirements for custom contracts to be added to the Operator Allowlist

To have your custom contract added to the Operator Allowlist, the following criteria must be met:

  • Game studios must have a contract with Immutable.
  • Contract must be deployed prior to making the request, as contract_address is a required field in the format.
  • Contract must be verified in Explorer so Immutable can review your contract's code. This is for both Testnet and Mainnet.
  • Contract not violate Immutable's policy outlined above

Processing time for Operator Allowlist requests

Immutable will process these requests as quickly as possible.

  • Testnet additions are typically processed within approximately 48 business hours.
  • Mainnet additions require at least a business week for processing. Timely submission of requests is advised to avoid launch delays for your game.

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