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Makerversity Unity video tutorial series

Learn how to build a Web3 game on Immutable zkEVM with Makerversity's step-by-step video tutorials that will take you from zero to Web3 game in record time.

This series includes 14 videos covering topics like integrating with Immutable Passport in Unity, NFT minting and management, and utilizing NFTs in-game.

Get started now with Makerversity's video series on Implementing Immutable NFTs in a Unity Game.
building Web3 gamesbuilding Web3 games
Developers who are building Web3 games using Immutable's Unity SDK.

This tailored video series offers a comprehensive guide on integrating Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) into Unity games using Immutable's software.

Aimed at experienced game developers, it covers the essentials of using Immutable's Unity SDK and Immutable Passport for accessing player wallets and managing NFTs. Participants will learn how to set up a server for minting NFTs, handling NFT metadata, and dynamically updating game content with NFT-based assets. By the end of the course, developers will be experts at incorporating NFTs into their Unity games.

💡Written tutorial
We also offer a text based tutorial on building a game with Unity if you prefer learning by written content.

Integrating with Immutable Passport in Unity

This section of the video tutorials explores the essentials of Immutable Passport, from installation in Unity to initializing Immutable Passport, setting the stage for player login and data integration.

makerversity tutorial

NFT Minting and Management

Dive into NFT minting, metadata management, and smart contract creation in this section, including deploying AWS S3 for metadata and setting up smart contract permissions.

makerversity tutorial

Utilizing NFTs in Game

Finally, focus on integrating NFTs into game mechanics, from retrieving and displaying player NFTs to innovative in-game NFT minting.

makerversity tutorial

Get started with Makerversity's Unity video tutorials

💡Watch Makerversity's video series
To learn how to build a Web3 game on Immutable zkEVM with Unity, navigate to Makerversity's tailored video series.

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