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Implement primary sale card checkout feature

Feature for managed partners only

This is a feature intended for managed partners. If you are not a managed partner and would like to become one, please reach out to us on our #dev-discussion channel on Discord.

If you are a managed partner, your partner success manager needs to set up a commercial partnership with MoonPay for you. Please reach out to them to facilitate this.


How to implement this feature

Typescript SDK

The full list of endpoints required are also listed here.

1. Initialize and Install Typescript SDK

Check out how to initialize it.

2. Create the NFT checkout transaction

import { x, config } from "@imtbl/sdk";
const imxClient = new x.IMXClient(x.imxClientConfig({ environment: config.Environment.SANDBOX }));

const nftPrimaryTxnParams: x.NftCheckoutPrimaryApiCreateNftPrimaryRequest = {
createAPIRequest: {
contract_address: '0x5d...',
provider: 'moonpay',
offer_id: '20111212',
user_wallet_address: '0xqw2...',
widget: { theme: 'dark' },

const nftPrimaryTxnResponse = await imxClient.createNftPrimary(


  • user_wallet_address - L2 wallet address of seller, funds will be sent to this address
  • contract_address - smart contract address of the NFT
  • offer_id - identifier that represents what will be minted
  • widget.theme - MoonPay widget theme

In the cases where purchasers know what they're purchasing (such as a specific item in a PFP project) offerId could be the token ID (i.e. 20111212) and in other cases where they don't know what they're purchasing (such as a loot box) it could be something like silver-chest. This is simply a way to render an item in the cart, and doesn't need to tie to the actual NFT asset directly.

Handling the offerID

Note that primary sales involve taking a payment before the mint occurs. Because the asset does not exist yet, we've included an offerId instead of an asset ID. Therefore, in order to successfully render the checkout with the information seen below (offer, title and image), you will need to be a managed partner with Immutable (please reach out to us on our #dev-discussion channel on Discord to request to become one).

After creating a transaction successfully, you will be provided with a MoonPay widget URL to be rendered for checkout where the user can proceed with payment.

This displays the UI with the loaded MoonPay widget:

MoonPay checkout widget

3. Check the transaction status (optional)

You can check the transaction status using the transaction ID from previous step. The status value should be created to confirm successful transaction creation.

const getNftPrimaryTransactionResponse =
await imxClient.getNftPrimaryTransaction({
transactionId: nftPrimaryTxnResponse.transaction_id

4. Minting is triggered once a successful payment has been received

After the payment has been received by MoonPay, the mint process will be automatically triggered (via the endpoint that you created here).

Mint by fiat

5. Verify the transaction status

Check the transaction status in a polling fashion in the background using the same method from Step 3 above.

The transfer process can take few minutes and during that time transaction can return a pending or waitingPayment status while it's still being processed.

The final stage of transaction status can be:

  • completed - successful completion
  • failed - failure encountered

Upon reaching final stage of the transaction status, you can show an appropriate message, send a notification or update any state with the successful/failed transaction.

Mint complete


StepDescriptionAPI endpoint
1Create the checkout transactioncreateNftPrimary
2Check or verify the transaction statusgetNftPrimaryTransaction

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