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Link Easy Login

IMX SDK supports easy login and wallet management functionality through This allows users to easily generate wallets and login through email without manual wallet generation and additional password management.


This functionality is only supported for partners who are using Link UI.\nThis functionality is available in SDK v1.3.8+

Easy Login Sign In

With Link easy login, all users need to do to create their wallets is to provide an e-mail address. Once the e-mail is provided, the user will be prompted to check their e-mail.


They will receive an e-mail similar to this:

Easy Login Sign In

Upon confirmation, a new wallet will be setup for the user if that was the first time the user is login in with that e-mail or the user will just be authenticated with their already created wallet.


Once authenticated, a user's session will last for 7 days. During this period, the users will not be prompted to check their e-mail address again unless the cache is cleared or accessing through a different device.


Each e-mail address will generate a different wallet address. To prevent any issues, please make sure you're using always the the same e-mail address to log in.

Configurations and setup

Please refer to the Link Setup for more details on the different options to display the Magic Easy Login prompt and provider configuration.

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