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Immutable Passport is the best way for your game to onboard web2 and web3 users simultaneously. Passport includes several core components:

  • Identity: a single-sign on authentication experience with familiar social logins
  • Wallet: a non-custodial wallet which is accessible on all your devices, across all your games
  • Dashboard: a central tool for users to view and manage their Passport identity and wallet

  • Support for web games is already available with Unity. Unreal support is coming soon.
  • Passport has a dependency on browser-specific primitives, such as the `window` object, and is a client-side only module.
  • Passport is available in Immutable X and Immutable zkEVM. For using Passport on Immutable zkEVM check Passport in Immutable zkEVM documentation.


See the Setup guide for detailed instructions.


IdentityAllow users to sign up and log into your application
WalletFacilitate in-game transactions and other wallet interactions with Passport users in your application

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