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Enable user wallet interactions


Passport currently offers wallet support for Immutable's StarkEx rollup. Please see here for more information on Immutable's layer 2 solutions.

When a user signs up for a Passport account for the first time, a wallet is created and associated with their Passport identity.

Depending on the application type you are building, you may need to perform operations that require a wallet signature (with user approval) or get data from API using the IMXClient.

The following sections below outline how to use each SDK module. You can use both the IMXProvider and the Immutable X API to achieve things like listing a Passport wallet's assets or balance.

IMX Provider

A wallet in Immutable X is represented by the IMX Provider interface. You can create an instance of the object by invoking the following method when the user clicks on Sign in with Passport as explained in the setup guide.

const provider: IMXProvider = await passport.connectImx();

Supported Functions

Passport supports the following IMX Provider functions:

Please refer to the IMX Provider documentation to get detailed usage instructions.

Note that the above workflow methods may throw the following errors:

Error CodeCauseResolution
USER_REGISTRATION_ERRORPassport failed to register the user with the IMX protocolCheck your network connection
USER_NOT_REGISTERED_ERRORThe user has not been registered with the IMX protocolEnsure that the registerOffchain function has been called for this user
WALLET_CONNECTION_ERRORPassport failed to initialise the Passport walletCheck your network connection and call the connectImx function again

Passport users must explicitly approve a transaction in order to be processed by the Immutable X API. You can learn more about this feature in Transaction Confirmations.

Unsupported Functions

The following IMX Provider functions are not supported by Passport:


Learn more about how to choose the right way to integrate with Passport's provider based on your application type.

Immutable X API

The IMXClient allows you to create an Immutable X API client instance to interact with the API. For example, you can list the balances for a user as follows:

import { config as imtblConfig, x } from "@imtbl/sdk";

const config = {
baseConfig: { environment: imtblConfig.Environment.PRODUCTION },
const client = new x.IMXClient(config);

const listBalances = async () => {
const response = await client.listBalances({
owner: "0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000",

return response;

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