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Please visit our Webhooks page for find information about our Webhooks and how to set them up.

Available Events

The following are the events that are available for subscription via a single webhook.

The payload of each event is equivalent to the response of the corresponding API endpoint.

EventDescriptionPayload Format
imtbl_x_nft_createdThis event signals when an NFT has been minted./v1/assets/{contract_id}/{token_id}
imtbl_x_nft_updatedThis event signals when an NFT’s ownership, metadata or status is updated./v1/assets/{contract_id}/{token_id}
imtbl_x_order_acceptedThis event signals when an order is created. For example, if a listing is created./v3/orders/{order_id}
imtbl_x_order_filledThis event signals when an order is filled. For example, when a listing is bought and a trade is created./v3/orders/{order_id}
imtbl_x_order_cancelledThis event signals when an order is cancelled./v3/orders/{order_id}
imtbl_x_transfer_createdThis event signals when a transfer is created./v1/transfers/{transfer_id}

For information regarding our Immutable zkEVM events please refer to our Immutable zkEVM Webhooks documentation.

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